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Thread: Clutch 05 STI

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    Clutch 05 STI

    I need to know if anyone can put a clutch in my 05 STI or know where i can get a really decent deal on labor, my mech. wants 400 for labor, leesummitsubaru wants 900 for labor. If anyone can help or has ideas please let me know as soon as possible. either on here or through text which i prefer 8163897152,my name's john and im open for any ideas. please and thanks!

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    $400 is a pretty good deal on labor, last year when I did a clutch in a wrx I charged more than that.

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    That is a good price. I paid $500 and that was the best price I got quoted when I was calling around a few years ago.

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    Just make sure you're not launching it like you were Friday night after the new clutch...
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    +1 on what ^^^^ he said.

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    did you find a clutch yet?
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    400 for a clutch job in an sti is a pretty good deal like noaffiliation said. I used to charge 350 to do a wrx.

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    Find 2 guys to help you drop/reinstall the trans and do it yourself. It's not hard. Just do not try dropping or lifting the trans back into the car, it is heavy as hell.

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    Or ask someone with access to a trans jack. Believe me, it is a heck of a lot easier when it's on one of those compared to he-manning the trans.


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