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Thread: Looking for Mechanic

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    Looking for Mechanic

    Hey guys,

    I've been having a surging problem ( in my '03 WRX. Can't find a solution and have tried many different things. I'm now ready to take it to a professional. I have a few aftermarket parts including turboback exhaust and flashed ECU, so I'm not interested in taking it to a dealer. Can anyone recommend a good Subaru mechanic that could help me out?


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    Modified by KC has always done a nice job. Michael Casey at Casey Automotive also does excellent work for a reasonable price ($75-85/hr last time I checked).
    Chris Jones
    '02 Silver WRX Sedan

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    My friend across the street from me (where you got your son's car flashed) is a certified mechanic and has a mobile mechanic service (although I think you're too far away) but if you bring it here he'll do it for $50 per labor hour or talk to you about a flat rate to do what ever it is your wanting to do.

    As far as your surging, did you try replacing the EBCS?
    '02 WRB WRX Wagon
    '04 Silver MINI

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