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    Hi. Been a subaru owner a while and am picking up the latest one friday. Just wanted to see whats up here. So yeah, thats all for now.

    P.s. these trivia questions suck, but I understand. Just kinda wish they were a little more common knowledge.

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    So I tried to make a post the other night, but I guess something happend. Anyways, Hello everybody. I have been a subaru owner for about a year starting with my 05 Forester. Love the hell out of that car. Just today i picked up a new 2002 WRX with 20k miles that has a few issues. I will be taking care of those issues within the month. I am mostly a reader, but like to come out to meets. I look forward to meeting you all.


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    Welcome! Brand new posts / posters are moderated, sorry for the delay in approving this. I also merged the threads since #2 had more info. =)
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