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Thread: 08+ STI/WRX Cobb Downpipe and SPT CBE SOLD

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    08+ STI/WRX Cobb Downpipe and SPT CBE SOLD

    I just did an exhaust upgrade (among other things) on my STI, looking to sell the old exhaust.

    Cobb Catted Downpipe for 08+ WRX/STI $350 - I had it my car maybe 500 miles, but I bought it from somebody on here so I'm not sure on the total mileage but it looks to be in really good condition. SOLD

    SPT Performance Exhaust for 08+ WRX/STI (hatchback only!) - $400 - I had this on my car for about 8k miles. If you haven't heard it, it has a nice deep rumble without being too obnoxious. I have the Invidia Q300 now, which is quite a bit louder. It seems to resonate well at about 1.5k rpm, so it doesn't drone on the highway. Also, if you have the dealer install this, it doesn't affect your warranty... SOLD

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    Pm sent

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    Bump, sold the SPT but still have the Cobb Downpipe.

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    Bump. I still have the Cobb Downpipe. I know somebody here wants to go stage 2 this summer...

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    Def interested. Will you ship? 66442.

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    I may end up picking this up from you as well if its still available in a few weeks. Already spent too much on mods this month.

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    interested will you ship and if so how much to 66442. thanks.

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    I may be interested in this. I have heard of people running the Cobb DP with stock CBE. I am doing some research into the feasibility of this first.

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    ^^^ I have a cobb dp with a stock 2011 wrx exhaust. works fine. little more drone than i'd like but not that bothersome if you have a little music on. Worth the buy!

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    Yep, the Cobb DP is made to work with the stock CBE. Only CBE it won't fit to is one with a full 3" pipe. The stock one tapers to 2.5", I believe.

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