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Thread: BRP 2000 Subaru 2.5RS 2 door Project

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    Thank you all for your positive feedback, my wife and I have been working hard on the exterior. We got a STI Version 6 spoiler in the mail today and the JDM rear spats are on their way. Just a few more parts and the exterior and interior are complete. That is when the fun begins and we start searching for a donor STI to do a complete swap (Engine, Tranny, Diffs, Axles, Hubs, and Brakes).

    Hey Pete,
    Thanks for the comment on the exhaust. I just added a DCSports cat back exhaust and have not been able to hear it from outside the car. From the inside it sounds good and not too loud. I have been curious to get some input from car guys on whether I should keep the setup or go a little quieter with a stock WRX cat back.

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    Installed some Hella horns with my wife last night. She also bought me some window tint last weekend.

    New Window Tint

    New Hella Horns installed

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    Need to get some hella's myself but will have to wait. Have a dilemma on my hands. Replace stock catalytic converter, or install my dp, mid pipe and purchase an cobb accessport possibly to go stage 2 and bypass the converter. hmmmm........... what to do what to do.
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    Well I had a wheel bearing go bad and my tranny started to make a weird noise last week. Instead of replacing these parts I figure now is the right time to start my swap. I bought a donor front clip. It is expected to arrive around the middle to end of February. Here are some pictures of the JDM Type RA STi Version 6 Limited.
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    - Steven
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    I was just thinking about asking for an update on this project. Are you going to re-build anything from the donor or is it ready to swap? What all do you have planned exactly?
    I’ll keep my eyes on this thread come February for more updates. We don’t have enough build threads on this forum.

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    The donor car has 40,000 kilometers so I am not planning on an engine rebuild prior to install. This car was not a typical auction car, it was actually bought from a private seller in Japan. I got to see videos of operating and the compression test. This car was killed for it's organs. Although I hate the idea of cannibalizing a perfectly good Subaru. In the long run it would have ended up in a Japanese graveyard sooner or later. I have been on the look out for this model for over a year now. A few came up but they came up at the wrong time. I did not have secure funds for the swap nor did I have the time to set aside from work. This project has come along faster than I expected. The original intent was to do a complete 22B replica but I have taken that way off track. After an accident with a tree while the snow (Dec 2012) in which I broke a headlight. Instead of buying a replacement OEM set I decided to go ahead and upgrade them to the Bi-Xenon retrofit projection lights. Once this was done there was no going back to my 22B replica build. I just planned out a different path and started looking for Version 6 RA Limited clip.

    Here is where I started and where I am now with the project.
    Information on the car
    2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
    * Blue Ridge Pearl (Full paint touch up June 2012) repaired all sun damage
    * 2 Door Model
    * 5 Speed Manual Transmission
    * 173,000 miles at purchase. Engine was rebuilt at 175,000

    Car was originally sold in Washington then moved to Pennsylvania and got auctioned off. A dealer in Grand Rapids, MI bought it and had it shipped. I went there to pick it up.
    Mods it came with:
    MY02 WRX Momo Steering Wheel
    MY02 WRX Front Seats (blue)


    - AMSOil 5W20 Oil
    - STi Oil Filter (Tokyo Roki)
    - Spectre Crank Case Air Breathers

    Intake System:
    - Weapon R Short RAM Intake

    Exhaust System:
    - DC Sports Catback Exhaust

    - AMSOil 75W90 Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil
    - AMSOil DOT 3 Synthetic Clutch Fluid

    - AMSOil 75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube

    - Optima Redtop Battery
    - Hella Supertone Horns (Red)

    - LED Map Light Bulbs- Cool White 6K (SuperBrightLEDs PN:3022-CWHP4)
    - LED Dome Light Bulb- Blue (SuperBrightLEDs PN:3022-BHP4)
    - Bumper Lights- Clear Lens (Depo PN:220-1608P-X)
    - HID Fog Lights- Cool White 6K (Morimoto PN:1xH3C)
    - Headlight- Black (Depo PN:4-HL-SUIP991-BK-2). Projector Retrofit* w/Custom semi-gloss/chrome black paint job.
    *Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (D2S)
    *Projectors: Morimoto Mini D2S 2.0 Bi-Xenon
    *Ballasts: 35w Morimoto 3Five/5Five
    *Bulb: Morimoto 3Five 6000K (Cool White) D2S
    *Shroud: E46-R w/Centric Rings
    *Wire Harness: Morimoto Relay (9006)
    - Parking (Corner) Lights- Black (Depo PN:220-1511PCAE2)
    - LED Parking (Corner) Lights- Amber (SuperBrightLEDs PN:WLED-A19-T)
    - Side Marker Lights- Clear Lens (Depo PN:220-1403PXAEVC)
    - Tail Lights- Red/Clear Lens (JDM/STi Version 6 PN:84201FA180 "Left" & PN:84201FA190 "Right")
    - LED Reverse Light Bulbs- Cool White 6K (VLEDs PN:1156_21_W_6K)
    - LED License Plate Light Bulbs- Cool White 6K (VLEDs PN:194_6_N_W_6K)

    - Tein Flex Coilovers
    - STi V6 Carbon Fiber Front Strut Tower Brace

    Brakes & Steering:
    - AMSOil High Performance Brake Fluid
    - Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid

    - Performance Gauge Package- Lamco Vacuum, Volt, Oil Temp Gauge (USDM/Subaru PN:H5010FA034)
    - Performance Gauge Housing (USDM/Subaru PN:H0017FC910OE)
    - Electronic Gauge Package- Compass, Barameter, Altimeter, Outside Temperature (USDM/Subaru PN:H5010FC001)
    - Carbon Fiber Patterned Trim Kit- M/T (USDM/Subaru PN: )
    - Carbon Fiber Shift Knob (USDM/Subaru PN:C1010FA140)
    - Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle (USDM/Subaru PN:C1010FC121)
    - Floor Mats (JDM/STi Version 6 PN: )

    Exterior & Body:
    - Pink "I" Grille Emblem
    - SPT Decal Set
    - Rally Armor Mud Flaps

    - Drag DR-33 (Gun Metal) 17"x7.5"
    - Falken Ziex ZE-512 P215/45/R17 87W
    - Gorilla Hex Socket Lug Nuts

    Parts I still need to install. My plan is to start March 1st when I get home.
    STi V6 Front Grille
    STi V6 Front Lip
    STi V6 Mirrors
    STi V6 Side Skirts
    STi V6 Front Aero Guards
    STi V6 Rear Lip
    STi V6 Rear Spats
    STi V6 Rear Spoiler
    EJ207 w/Forged Pistons and AVO inter-cooler/turbo kit
    5-Speed W/DCCD and RA Gears
    Cobb Short Throw Shifter
    Cobb Shifter Bushing
    Cobb Shifter Rear Stay Bushing
    TiC 5MT Shift Linkage Update
    R180 4.44 Rear Diff
    Tein Electronic Damper Force Control Kit
    Whiteline 24mm Front Sway Bar (turbo)
    Whiteline Extra Heavy Duty Front Endlinks
    Whiteline Rear Strut Tower Bar
    Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar
    Whiteline Heavy Duty Rear Stabilizer Bar Mounting Kit
    Whiteline Extra Heavy Duty Rear Endlinks
    Whiteline STi V6 Limited Gauges W/DCCD Display
    Delphi Controller w/Boast, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp Gauges
    STi V6 Limited Interior Kit W/DCCD Control Switch and I/C Spray Button

    Parts I still need to buy:
    HT Autos 22B Body Kit Carbon Fiber (Not Purchased)
    STi Rear Window Wiper
    STi MY04 Brembo Brake System
    STi MY04 Front and Rear Seats
    Apexi FC Standalone
    STi V6 Rear Trailing Arms (pink)
    Group N Engine Mount
    Group N Pitch Mount
    Group N Transmission Mount
    Whiteline Rear Diff Bushing
    Whiteline Steering Bushings
    Whiteline Antilift Kit
    Prodrive P7 Wheels

    The final stage of our build is a complete sand down, remove all dents and repaint the car Blue Ridge Pearl.

    Wow, I have a crap load of work to do when I get home. If anyone is wants to join me, there will be tons of free beer and pizza. I just realized I forgot to buy an exhaust. So If anyone has one for sale that would work please let me know. I will have the factory Headers and Down-pipe.
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    - Steven
    2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Blue Ridge Pearl
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    that should be a fun build. what site did you use to buy the clip? all I know about buying parts from Japan came from this video:

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    The company I am using to get the front clip is JDM Advance Motor Import. I found them through research, spending hours and hours reading peoples swap journals. After talking to a few members on about doing business with that company. I called them and explained what I was looking for. When a low mileage car came through Joe and I worked a deal signed an agreement and now it is on the boat to North America. Takes about 3-4 weeks to get to your door step.
    - Steven
    2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Blue Ridge Pearl
    2008 Honda Civic Si, Nighthawk Black Pearl

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    That's awesome, congrats on the purchase. At the cars+coffee meet you mentioned a potential donor STi at auction but it appears that didn't work out.
    I'd be willing to help turn some wrenches depending on my schedule. When the time gets closer just shoot me a PM. I'd like to learn more about what's involved in hopes of doing my own RSTi some day.
    A qestion regarding USDM powertrain vs JDM, will it be difficult to get replacement parts for your v6 STi after the swap?

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    We still gotta get together 1 these days let the kids play and hang out. the last time kinda got rained out. maybe this spring?
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