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Thread: Cross bars for 02 Impreza

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    Cross bars for 02 Impreza

    Hey y'all,
    I have a gnarly bugeye Impreza wagon.
    I'm looking for some cross bars. Do any of you have a set to sell? Or do you know where a good place to get them at a decent price is?
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    Do you have the side bars?

    I have a set of Yakima 48" load bars, Q-towers and Q78 Clips off of my 04 WRX that Yakima's website says will fit.... may not want them to be over the top of your rails though.

    Look into it. I have a fairing with a ton of bike stickers on it that I make consider selling too.
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    Hey twhet,
    I do have the side bars. Your yakima setup sounds sweet dude. How much larger are the 48" than the stock? Or are they the same? I don't mind them being larger if its not by much you know? And I'm interested in the fairing my wagon has quite a bit of stickers so it'll fit in ahha.

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