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DIY STI air splitter

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So I install a STI scoop on the wagon, but wanted to make sure I was getting the most benefit from it. I didn't want to spend the $75 or so on a OEM splitter, so I made my own.

I fabbed it up out of cardboard first to get my measurements close and test fit things.

Then I moved to aluminum since it was easy to bend

In the end I used steel and had the sides as separate pieces. This provided the sturdiest option and ease of assembly (vs the 1 piece aluminum setup I tried)

I held it together with rivets, and painted it with black high temp engine paint.

I was already running the rear wiper sprayer for the intercooler sprayer, so I wanted to keep that setup too.

on to the pics…
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  1. turbo sol's Avatar
    More pics:

    My make-shift break

    Updated 07-08-2011 at 10:23 AM by turbo sol
  2. turbo sol's Avatar
    More pics:

    Steel construction.

    Updated 07-08-2011 at 10:23 AM by turbo sol
  3. turbo sol's Avatar

    The final was pretty close to this, but I still had to trim it a bit to get the fitment right.
  4. pnasmith's Avatar
    Well done. Did you copy someone's splitter or reference pics? I only ask because it looks pretty damn close to the OEM part.

  5. turbo sol's Avatar
    i looked at lots of pics of OEM and aftermarket options, then took into consideration my fabrication limits and came up with the design. It's pretty simple.

    the only thing I added was the seal along the top.

    the bottom has the rubber skirt to seal against the intercooler, I added a rubber hose (split length wise) to the top flap that seals along the top of the scoop to catch all the air and direct it through the intercooler.
  6. PsychoSubie's Avatar
    very nice makes me wanna try this and I like your brake not everyone can afford to buy a real one you're a genius good thinkin did you hinge it so the bend would be even or just use your hands
  7. turbo sol's Avatar
    I used my hands to bend the small bends on the end caps. for the main width I used a piece of scrap 2x4 to help fold it all at the same time.