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12-24-2010, 11:07 PM
Part 1:

Hi guys-
This past week I purchased my Christmas gift, at Parrot Mki9200 and installed it into my 05 WRX. For those that are wondering, the Mki9200 is a bluetooth car kit designed to work with your iPhone. It allows you to make calls as well as play music, through your cars speakers. You can find out more about the device and its features here: http://www.parrot.com/usa/products/bluetooth-hands-free-car-kits

***** Not pictured is the additional wiring harness that I purchased that is directly compatible with our Subarus. You can purchase the wiring harness from http://www.quickharness.com which is the Parrot recommended vendor for the wiring harness ($53 via paypal)

Below are pics and instructions from my install as well as a small review of the unit itself.

First steps are to open up the area you will be working in. I removed the gearshift surround and HVAC center console. It all comes apart like Legos. Pull the gear shift surround away first by pulling straight back, towards the trunk on the bottom of the surround and it will slide backwards. Then unscrew your gearshift knob completely. The gearshift knob will stay attached to the boot, so now lift the whole assembly up and it should all come away from the center console.

Next unscrew the bottoms screws on the HVAC console using a phillips head. Then pull back on the assembly and pry the sides of it away from the sides of the dash. I let the HVAC surround dangle off to the side as I didn't want to unplug the connectors and wiring from it (the clips looked like I might break them).

You should end up with the pic below. (except for the blue box hanging off to the side, that is the parrot "brain" box. I took my pics out of order)

Once the console surrounds are out of the way, you will need to remove the factory head unit. (Your instructions may vary if you have a aftermarket) You need to unscrew the 4 screws that hold the unit in, but you don't need to unplug all the cables, just the white plug. Be careful and don't use metal tools to help get this out, as you will break the fragile clips like I did.

Now its time to plug in the blue Parrot box to the head unit. The Parrot "brain" box acts like an interceptor between your head unit and speakers. The order goes head unit -> brain box -> speakers -> ears. It is also at this point where your Subaru-specific purchased harness will come in handy. If you try to wire the unit using the Parrot-supplied harness, you will get a headache and it probably won't work right, if at all. There is only one way to plug in the harness to the head unit and blue box.



Now its time to run the USB/AUX/iPod cable. I chose to run this along the center console under the ebrake and cupholders and then drill a hole in the bottom of the storage bin. Youll have to remove the center console to be able to drill through it. This is also a good time to do some cleaning around these difficult to reach areas.





Part 2:
Here is the center console reinstalled and the USB/aux/ipod cable ran out of the storage bin.

Notice the black cable starting from the back of the blue parrot "brain" hanging on the right side, under the center console and into the bin and to my hand.

Now I reinstalled the headunit and tucked the brain box as well as the wires into the center console area. There is plenty of room in there for all wiring.

Next I ran the cable for the display screen. I wanted the screen on the left side out of view of normal driving but still accessible when I want to look at it. I ran the cable underneath the dash and towards the drivers side.

I tucked the cord in between the dash and the weather stripping.

Here is a pic of the screen plugged in and running for the first time. I ended mounting it to the windshield, but that ins't shown in this picture.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the install if you hope to do it yourself. I don't think you need to pay someone to put this in for you especially if you get the supplemental wiring harness.

I'm pretty happy with this product, but it still needs some polish on very simple things.

1. when your phone is paired via bluetooth, the wheel remote functionality is very limted. You can't chose a song, you can't resume a song once paused, you can't skip to a new song. All of these things must be done from the phone itself, and while driving, this isn't easy or fun.
2. the font - its huge and it constantly scrolls across the screen when a song is playing. It also displays tons of info about the song/podcast etc that you don't care about, this gets a little annoying, but its manageable.
3. wallpapers - there isn't any plain stock colors just these cheesy Windows95-esque backgrounds. Some of these make it hard to read the song titles or other display information. Also you can upload new backgrounds but only if your phone has a mode to transfer pics via OBEX push bluetooth. My iPhone4 doesn't do this. Why couldn't they just allow files to be put on a USB stick and uploaded??

If these things could be fixed, then I would be totally happy with it. But ill have to live with them as it seems to be the best iPhone in car solution out there. If Parrot continues to develop this as they have it could be very promising, but with its flaws, I think there is still plenty of room for other companies to compete with Parrot.

I hope you learned something and enjoyed this post!!

AWD Bishop
12-26-2010, 11:58 AM
Nice post. I've got an iPhone 4 but the deck I have going in my car already has the cabling and integrates with the deck. If it didn't I might entertain this option.