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Thread: 02 wrx problems. puzzled.

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    o2 sensor?
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    Clean the MAF. disconnect the MAF while idling, if it does better, MAF for sure..

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    Maf cleaned no diff. Ill try disconnecting while running. the exhaust does pop sometimes after shifting-timing?

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    I still have the problem. Could my factory alarm system be causing this, my security light stays flashing at all times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lespauljammer View Post
    I still have the problem. Could my factory alarm system be causing this, my security light stays flashing at all times?
    Funny you should say this, Mine just started doing this today, never seen it before (ever) and now I've got this flashing security light on my cluster? Let me know if you figure that out...
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    The security light flashing all the time indicates it's in valet mode. I can't off the top of my head remember how to turn it off but I'm sure it's mentioned in the manual

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    Try this for the Valet mode

    To reset: open the driver door and hold the unlock button until the lights turn off.

    Otherwise I found this if it's any help

    Other instructions:
    ALARM: to Disarm the system or set Valet mode.
    Legacy, Outback, Tribeca: When alarm is activated and you don't have the remote to de-activate, just turn the car on.
    Impreza, Forester: When alarm is activated and you don't have the remote to de-activate, override by turning key in ignition on-off 3x.

    Disarm the alarm system so it doesn't work
    1. Sit in the driver's seat and shut all doors and rear gate.
    2. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
    3. Hold down the UNLOCK side of the driver's power door locking switch on the door and Open the driver's door within the following 1 second!
    5. Wait 10 seconds without releasing the switch (holding the lock button).

    The setting will then be changed as follows, as indicated in the odometer/trip meter display:
    If the system was previously activated: The odometer/trip meter screen displays 'AL oF' and the horn sounds twice, indicating that the system is now deactivated.
    If the system was previously deactivated The odometer/trip meter screen displays 'AL on' and the horn sounds once, indicating that the system is now activated.

    Flashing alarm light
    The security indicator light flashes when the alarm system has been triggered.
    The number of flashes indicates the location of unauthorized intrusion or severity of impact.
    When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the indicator light will light for 1 second
    and then flash as follow-
    5 times When a door or rear gate was opened.
    3 times When the ignition switch was turned to the ON position by using a key not registered with your immobilizer system.
    2 times When a strong impact or multiple impacts were sensed
    1 time on vehicles with optional shock sensors
    The shock sensors are not always able to sense impacts caused by breaking in, and cannot sense an impact that does not cause vibration such as breaking the glass using a rescue hammer. Shock sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by your dealer.

    The Chirp
    when locking/unlocking your Subaru from the keyless entry system the chirp can be disabled by performing the following: with all doors closed with the key in the ignition, open the driver's door, remove the key from the ignition, hold down the unlock button on the drivers door. While holding down that button, insert the key into and out of the ignition at least 6 times within 10 seconds. Continue holding the unlock button and close the driver's door. Signal lights should flash 3 times to confirm the setting.
    Use of the keyless transmitter with still lock and unlock the vehicle (and arm the alarm), but without the annoying chirping. Repeating the procedure will re-enable the keyless entry chirp.
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    It has been awhile since I last posted but unfortunately I have had no luck with this. I took my car to Subaru for the fuel rail recall hoping it would remedy any problem I had and that turned into a nightmare resulting in me contacting Subaru of America and still in the end after all the other unneeded repairs from technician damage, I come to find that my bov recirculation tube not hooked up after i was told it was replaced/installed. Hopefully this weekend when I find the time I'll have the results from a compression test to see if that is the issue. I honestly feel I have a lemon or a Ecu problem

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