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Thread: 02 wrx problems. puzzled.

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    02 wrx problems. puzzled.

    Okay guys I have a 02 wrx wagon. it does 2 things I can't figure out. First problem is that it takes me forever to put gas in the car because something is making the gas fill up real quick and shut the pump off and then I have to wait a second to start filling again or just barely pull on the gas pump so gas slowly comes out. 2nd problem happens randomly but one thing I can do to make it do it consistantly is if I drop it into 2nd and dump the throttle it hits some kind of fuel cut real bad. Somedays the car will drive fine then out of no where it struggles in every gear and stalls with no check engine light I can rev it to any rpm when it does this but once in gear it is undriveable. If I let it sit for a hr or so I can drive it and everything is fine but if I try and hit boost to often it will start doing it again. Everything on this car is 100% factory. I am just completely puzzled. I checked for leaks with break cleaner and didn't find anything. Could spark plugs be the problem if they are old? Timing? I am real new to these motors. Also when I go to get on the highway I can feel it in the pedal when boost onsets that some parts of the rpm is breaking up very slightly like a faint lose of power almost like a miss.

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    How long have you had the car? Has it been modified before?

    First problem sounds like a kink in your filler neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lespauljammer View Post
    Completely unmodified
    How many miles, and if completely unmodified now, has it ever been? Have you done all the services at the appropriate mileages?
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    If it takes forever to fill up its the purge soleniod on the manifold. Its not letting the fuel tank vent so its tripping the gas pump because of the positive pressure created in the fuel tank. Also sounds like you have fouled out your spark plugs. Try changing them. It should clear up the misfire.
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    Sorry I should have been more clear. The car has never been modified. I knew the previous owner. As far as spark plugs they are probably old as hell which is one thing I will be changing out hopefully this week. Car has 114000 miles on it. Maintanence wise not 100% on it I will have to look at the service records. I have been leaning towards the plugs being the 2nd issue but I didn't think they would start working normal on and off if they were fouled out.

    Thanks for all the input guys

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    That's makes since about the purge solenoid. I throw a evap system code every few months

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    If you need any help let me know i have a purge soleniod i took off my 07 that is in working order. I also have a set of plugs at the house. Im in north kc.

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    I am in overland park. How much for the plugs?

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    Here is the new story. my car started running like crap before i went to change the spark plugs. The car started this new thing were it idles like crap randomly and dies. boost gauge moves up and down about from -.1b to about -.05b at idle. Changed the plugs out and it still does the same crap. No CEL is on, until recently it throws a purge control solenoid codes then goes off after 50miles or so. almost every time i can make it idle funny when i pump the brakes, but i cant find any vacuum leaks.

    need some help guys, i really dont have the cash to take it to subaru, i can only imagine what they will charge.

    my number is 913-850-4938,names patrick, text anytime, call if its a reasonable hr to you.

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