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Thread: Blue Meanie's Parts Sale Thread

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    all the tophats have been sold with the struts, I do have a nice set of '06 STi struts without tophats tho! lol
    '02 WRB WRX Wagon
    '04 Silver MINI

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    I want out of the parts business and will make a deal for the lot of all my shit. About $3000 dollars in parts, make me an offer?

    A ton of stuff (literally). Highlights:

    '06 STi struts
    3 full GD Body PSM doors
    1 WRB door rear
    '04-'05 PSM trunk with WRX wing
    '04-'05 Carbon Fiber Hood
    '04-'05 headlights
    '04-'05 bumper beam and skin (WRB)

    Plus much more. Come check it out! You will double (triple likely) your money if you resell. My rule of thumb has always been 'If I can't double my money, I'm not interested.' So come triple your money and buy my my parts.
    '02 WRB WRX Wagon
    '04 Silver MINI

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    Hey I was told by scoob2 to see if you had a low mileage water pump oil pumpand timing belt if so text 660-281-9972. I will be in kc tomorrow

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    texted; have water and oil pumps, even a belt I think but not sure if you want to use a used timing belt
    '02 WRB WRX Wagon
    '04 Silver MINI

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    '02 WRB WRX Wagon
    '04 Silver MINI

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