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Thread: Replacement bulbs for parking

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    Replacement bulbs for parking

    I replaced the bulbs for the license plate and the parking light in the hi beams(06-07) and it makes a nice touch to the car at night.

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    Nice. What bulbs did you get? Where did you get them from?

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    Sorry for the delay i ordered these light for the front and rear and only due to the easy customer service with amazon and free 2 day shipping (prime member)

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    Nice upgrades, I also bought mine from Xtralights website to replace my entire interior dome lights to white LED for about $60 only.

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    And I used to have LEDs in the license plate lighting, they are fine yet cannot say that they are too good. Nothing special, just bulbs. Yet they say that these will last for years, we'll see how it works.

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