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Thread: rollin out to petes

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    rollin out to petes

    who all is coming out to pete's with me?

    I got....


    I figured we could roll out of the 75th and switzer QT... around 5 (fashionably late )
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    I was thinking... Since we are going to work on bishop's car why don't we do it at my house? I have an air-conditioned garage.... Because who really feels like sweating their ass off?

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    I'll be honest I only offered to help because he lives right up the way from me.
    either way it doesn't negate the original purpose of the post. 5pm tomorrow at 75th and switzer QT it is on the way for everyone that I have listed already and a few others I know of.
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    swing by yo.

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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