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Thread: Hey guys! New member here.

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    Hey guys! New member here.

    Hey Everyone! Finally bought my 15 WRX a little over a month ago. Also, I had been looking for a community to join for a while. While at work, I saw someone with a KCSubaru sticker on their car (a really nice silver wrx might I add) at the cerner campus I work on and had to check it out. Fair warning, I may ask a lot of questions that many of you may find noobish, but this is my first turbo car so please bear with me. Hope to meet a lot you of in the near future. I live in the Liberty area.

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    Welcome! Congrats on the new wrx. Don't worry about the questions we all had to learn at one time

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    Welcome. Those '15s look great.
    I am in Liberty quite a bit lately so wave if you see a wingless, scoopless 05 STi.

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    Howdy and welcome to the turbo world.

    This forum isn't as active as it used to be, but there are still many knowledgeable members that visit. Ask away!

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    Welcome - not as active, but lots of people who know what they're doing -15's are growing on me

    The more that life throws at you, the stronger you become!

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