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Thread: Gamer Tags

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    whos the gamer nerd that made this a sticky? lol

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    Gametag = BoostAddict712
    - Mark

    06 Turbo S2k - Build Thread
    06 TL
    07 MDX
    Past: 08 AW STI, 05 OBP STI, 04 WRB STI, & 02 SRP WRX

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    Sep 2005
    Anchorage, AK....soon KS
    Gamertag = AK WRXer

    My wife and I play CoD 4 a lot so it could be either of us

    2011 VW Jetta 2.5SE Member #176

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    Gamertag = MsTasty045

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    May 2006
    Between here and there, some where about here --->
    Mine is Red08onGold, use to be "xrunner06" i'm usually on or GOW2, Forza 2, but havent got COD for the Xbox got it for the PS3 ID hisandherwrx im on COD4, WAW, and NCAA '10

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    Mine is JohnFC3S and i too am a COD addict. Havent been on lately though.
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    gosh i feel dirty with mine.... its no longer the pooponnoobs05 it is now

    i know i know lol its B.A.
    How about I pay for your ticket if you leave tonight?!?!?!? anywhere in the lower 48 or hell even Puerto Rico..... this will be a great $400-500 investment. Then you can join a new local subaru club - omar to razor

    xboxlive gt- pooponnoobs05

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    Blue Springs
    xela dna asil

    ...and Battlefield 1943 is a blast.
    Truth conquers slowly.

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    2005 OBP LGT

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    that tiny red dot on the horizon in front of you.
    <<<< can you guess what it is?
    -chad-2 joe-2 john-0
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    sexydonkey is mine.

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