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Thread: WTB: 225/235 ~ 40 ~ 18 tires

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    WTB: 225/235 ~ 40 ~ 18 tires

    Found a deal on wheels, now i need the tires. Anyone selling good condition tires PST, would be willing to meet halfway from STL. Looking for a deal under 400 so i dont have to just buy the cheapest set off tirerack lol.

    I have a STi catback exhaust i can toss in to trade towards if needed. <--- your friendly neighbor

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    Re: 5x100 Black 17 or 18" rims+tires.

    I have a deal that is starting to unravel.. May have these up soon for 350.

    satin black 17 x 7 1/2 rota subzeros with Falken sport 215's in 225/45 on them about 10% tread left on a race (dry) tire.

    Looking for $350. Again, the deal I have is open but he is confirming this week.

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Re: 5x100 Black 17 or 18" rims+tires.

    appreciate the offer, however i found a deal i couldnt pass on some 18's so now i am unfortunately changing the title in looking for tires. came over to change the thread. appreciate the offer though! <--- your friendly neighbor

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    Re: WTB: 225/235 ~ 40 ~ 18 tires

    i dunno where you are located but there is a place in blue springs that will be able to get you a good deal on tires...i paid right around 425$ installed for my set

    place is called dob's tire...not DOBBS
    right off HWY 7 almost across from sonic...shares a building with Napa

    Dob's Tire of Blue Springs?525 SW State Route 7, Blue Springs, MO 64014-3058
    (816) 228-4200?

    its family owned place so they treat you right unlike those corporate pricks

    PS...not trying to plug them for free advertising just letting my past experience be heard

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    Re: WTB: 225/235 ~ 40 ~ 18 tires

    appreciate the info, im however i am in st louis <--- your friendly neighbor

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    Re: WTB: 225/235 ~ 40 ~ 18 tires

    I always bring up
    They will have stuff that is more than acceptable for the time being.

    Although I just looked and that sizing has very few items available... 18s are too difficult to find tires for. Good Luck
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