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Thread: STI springs on OBS

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    STI springs on OBS

    I have just acquired a 2002 Impreza Outback Sport (believe it or not 18,000 one owner miles) to go with my 2 STIs and 1 Outback. I am wondering if anyone has installed stock (05ish) STI springs on a early OBS, as I have a set of springs left over from a change on my 05 STI. I am aware that it can be done, and that you need STI rear top hats and spacers etc. I am just wanting to know about the new stance etc. I have used Swift wagon specific springs on previous WRX wagons I have owned and liked them a lot. I just don't want this OBS to be quite that low, but I would like to even out the fender gap. Any helpful constructive info is appreciated.

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    Hmm I have never seen that before. But now I am intrigued to know what the stance looks like

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    Did the RS springs not work out like planned?

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