Hey budddy i appreciate all your help on getting me started with getting evertyhing dilaed in with the AP & Accessport tuner software, i finally thought i had her dialed in very good_______ ( never realized how many tables had to be looked at and how many very tiny adjustments had to be made, lol.... Well< lol i decided to pick up a blouche 20g from a buddy of mine and install it the other day and start my magice at tuning this one, once again i've got it dialed in decent.. (i'm not pro tuner or etuner thats for sure)..... But heres the issue i'm having i jhave all supporting mods to include bottem end work to support this application. The :NEW: problem is i cant mash the pedal all the waY to the floor or at peak rpm or just before 6800,7000 rpm i overboost and the car richens way up. thats ONLY if i mash it though if i roll on it. Doesn't do it. checked all the normal boxes off the list vacuum lines, fuel pressure etc....... and now i'm having a hard time HOLDING boost, it wont hold r stay even close to the set boost targets i set in accestuner race and i'm running off a grimspeed 3 port ebc????????? any ideas? or think you might know what needs tweaked??? or heck man even if youd be willing to wrtie me an etune i'll gladly oay ya for it.... atleast that way i can compare all your tables vs my saved ones for this map and see what changes were made where and learn some more???