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Thread: Trying something new

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    Trying something new

    Decided to try out a new color on the wheels, so grabbed a few cans of Plasti-dip to see if I like it or not. Starting to grow on me, but not sure if I'm going full on paint yet. The dip will come off when I change to winter set and have time to think about it. Give your 2 cents, what do yall think?
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    I have always liked the white-on-blue look.


    I don't think they go with the CF trunk.

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    Ditto. They do look nice white. The dark wheels and carbon fiber together does looks superb.

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    Funny you should both say that, I'd love to swap that for an STi trunk and wing. Anyone willing to swap or know of anyone who has one they don't want?

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    I gotta say I like the dark rims better. but that's the great thing about plasti-dip. take it off when you're tired of it.

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    I have those same basic wheels that I use for winter wheels and have often considered painting them white. That picture allows me to save myself the time.

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