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Thread: KC Subaru Stickers

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    KC Subaru Stickers

    Whats the story on stickers these days? I need to get my hands on some!

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    Sorry I caught this one so late, the post was moderated and I had to approve it to be visible.

    I believe Ben (Zero1) was the last person to have some stickers on hand.

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    Last time i got a kcsubaru sticker was from LSS when we bought my wifes outback, but this was back when patrick worked there. Not sure if courtney white would have any, worth an email i suppose

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    I be interested in some stickers too! Considering now that I own a Subaru finally
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    I have a friend interested in some stickers as well
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    I am positive I can get some cut. someone would have to front the cash and pick them up.

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    i used to have a butt load of these stickers but i lost them during my many moves around...

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