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Thread: Daily driving 05 STi... part time race car.

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    Thanks for the info Tim. I will assume that your mod list on your build thread is correct. The only worries I have with a 22 sway bar is that I need to swap out my ALK for auto-x classing and I will need a slightly bigger bar to keep my camber curve in check.

    How much camber do you have dialed into the front? I need to readjust as I only have -1.7 and need to take it at least to -2 if not further. Thanks again for the added input.

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    I think it is basically current. I am running -3.0 or so on the front. it is a lot but since I don't drive on the street I run through tires faster then I create camber wear.

    As to the ALK I will say that it creates so much front dive that I have a lot of rubbing. I need stiffer springs but if that doesn't fix it I am ditching the ALK.

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