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Thread: DIY Garage day

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    DIY Garage day

    I need to replace my CV joints on my Rex, has anyone ever used the DIY Garage before? Since I've moved here I don't have all my tools and resources to take on big projects like this.

    Maybe we could get together sometime and rent a bay for the day and help each other knock out some projects you all need done. Save some money, help each other, and make quick work of possible long projects, anyone interested?

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    Garage Day

    That sounds good, my last club use to do these all the time and they worked great

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    Where is this place located?

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    I think they're referring to this place in Olathe:

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    Gotcha. I was wondering if that was the place. My buddy owns Stomper Off-Road right next door.

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    We have had a few meets at DIY. The lifts are nice and the owner is very helpful if you have questions. The tools are kinda hit or miss since he supplies them and not everyone that uses them are trustworthy. But every time I've been there I haven't had a problem finding the tools needed.

    I need to put steering rack bushings, front sway bar, change transmission and rear diff fluid. I may be interested in setting something up.

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    I'd be interested in doing this still. I dont have any Major work I need to do, but would be willing to show up and help. It's getting cold and would be a good way to keep the car thing going in the off season.

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