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Thread: Sway bar setup

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    Sway bar setup

    I started shopping for a set of new sway bars, and wanted to get some input from others who have installed their own. Was looking at a Whiteline 24mm front and a 22mm rear. What brands and sizes do you guy suggest?

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    I have Whiteline 24mm front and rear. I love it.

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    Did you go with a fixed or adjustable bar?

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    24 front and 22 rear sounds good. Get Kartboy endlinks /end story

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by S14pilot View Post
    Did you go with a fixed or adjustable bar?
    Adjustable with kartboy end links.

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    For the price, it's hard to say no to Eibach's. 25/25
    2004 FXT 5MT

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    I'm running Whiteline 24mm adjustable with Whiteline endlinks front and rear on my wagon. Front set to softest, rear set to stiffest for the winter hoonage.

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    Thanks for the info everyone. Definitely gonna go with sway bars and end links. Now just have to find a good place to buy them. Where is your favorite place to get gear? I've use RallySportDirect a lot. Anyone use a place with better prices?

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    Modified by KC will price match online competitors. I would recommend supporting the local guys, get the same part for the same price, but through them instead.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Scratch that, I just asked if they were willing to price match a part sold on ebay and was told to kick rocks, also eluded to kick rocks on a request for modification to my tune now that my fueling issue had been fixed.

    Couldn't recommend them at this point.
    2004 FXT 5MT

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    i got all of my suspension stuff from Turninconcepts. Standard free shipping plus guys who actually know how to make our fat understeering pigs not under steer. Great guys.

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