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Thread: Leaking oil line

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    Leaking oil line

    Well I've come to find on my 2005 sti that the turbo's oil feed line is leaking from somewhere. Damn near every time I come to a stop I can see a light white smoke coming out of the hood scoop. So after some research this seems to be a common problem and I just wanted to know if anybody else has had this problem. Any advice is appreciated and if you know anybody with a good turbo feed line for sale let me know because the dealer wants wayyyy too much for the parts.

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    Has it been apart at all? Or never touched and just started out of the blue?

    IIRC the stock piece is a hard line, so it has either rubbed on something or bent and cracked. The other possibility (especially if it's been apart and back together) is you just need new crush washers.

    If you do need a new line you could also look at an aftermarket replacement. It'd be braided stainless and maybe cheaper than the stock piece.

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    Well the motor came out when the clutch was replace so maybe I should pull the line off and check for cracks. And if there are none I could just replace the washers and see if that works. Thanks for the reply

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    Does anybody know if I pull the oil line off to take a look will the motor leak oil constantly? Dumb question but I wouldn't think it would since there is no pressure.

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    I'd wager that unless you've witnessed the oil leaking from the oil feed, it's likely the passenger side valve cover gasket (the one right above the up-pipe). That's a pretty easy fix, especially if the motor is out while the clutch is being replaced.
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    I'm with cubedweller on the valve cover gasket. I just did both sides on mine, but the passenger side is pretty easy to do. Should run you about $40 for materials and take a couple hours if you're taking your time.

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