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Thread: Got a little project to play with for a bit! Dont see too many of these on here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrett045 View Post
    Carb is a hitachi i believe i havent pulled it off the car yet because im waiting on the kit but ill check on it and maybe snap some pics when its off... Im also considering just buying a master cylinder and trying it out i think i can get a refurb one for less that $50...
    Besides the kit, buy lots of spray cleaner. Or even better, a bucket of parts cleaner to dip it in.

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    Ha that was the plan. I still have a bunch of simple green that i was going to use.

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    IIRC the engine bay is only big enough for the SOHC engines..

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Updates! Parts!!!

    Finally gave up on the carb and ordered some parts and they're here so ive been doing a bit of work on it.

    Thanks to another brat owner here on the forum i ordered a webber carb and adaptor for the ea71
    here it is on the car... It does start and run pretty rough but i need to get a new throttle cable and bracket so i can mount it so its a straight pull

    I also got tired of some of the gross blue interior so im pulling it and going too clean it and possibly plastidip it

    If anyone knows how to reupholster a dash and wants to give me some direction that would be great!

    Also i think i found where that dead rats home was in one of the air boxes...

    And last but not least a nice little pice of JDM yo... New gauge cluster that will be going in

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    So, zero miles?

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Nice man! Looks like a ton of cleanup yet to be had!
    2008 JDM Legacy STi conversion, 1996 Legacy Outback

    Define modified...

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    Great job! Were you able to find an assembly or service manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRXNFX View Post
    So, zero miles?
    Zero kilometers.... Duh! Ha I'm going to attempt to set it to match the mileage of the car but in kilometers. Still coming up with the best way to do that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ern View Post
    Great job! Were you able to find an assembly or service manual?
    Yes actually I have a few! They are excellent help!

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    Sweet. What a cute little carb too.

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    that looks like fun. I would offer to help but all I'm really good at is taking things apart. Getting them back together again is a bit of a challenge.
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