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Thread: Got a little project to play with for a bit! Dont see too many of these on here...

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    Got a little project to play with for a bit! Dont see too many of these on here...

    1979 Brat (the pics are before i took it home)
    Working on getting her running and partially restored ill keep it a little updated if anyone is interested. But heres a few pics!
    Shes a bit of a mess but it should be a fun toy no matter what.
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    Awesome love it! Please keep us updated
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    There is a guy who did a build of one of those on SLCSubaru, called his the "Spoiled Brat"

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Always thought it would be fun to do a Brat STI
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    Ha feel free to donate a motor for it. I guess an ej22 fits in fairly easily but i havent found one for the right price yet... im just going to get it up and running first and then go at it. Also we kind of just keep calling it bart so that might be its name from now on

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hey and well im at it i might as well update what ive been up to the past few days on it...
    So here it is when we were getting ready to do some clean up.

    And you never know what you'll find in a car thats been sitting out for 10+ years a nice mummified rat

    Bed hosed out a bit (and yes i do have the jump seats they just need a little work on the bracket)

    Super clean interior

    I told the gf to get the milage... this is the pic i got. 161,xxx miles isnt too bad

    Dash is cracked and falling a part a bit but i think its all repairable

    Would blur out the plate but i think its neat that it was last registered in '97 also the sad subaru badge that im hunting down to replace

    Gf did some vacuuming. Doesnt look to bad!

    Brush guard/bumper taken off for now

    So i changed the oil and replaced the plugs and threw in a new battery then tried to turn it over. The starter had a bit of trouble but once we freed up the engine a bit it turned right over! Cant get it to start currently because the carb is having trouble... my knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to carbs but i am getting a rebuild kit wednesday and giving it a shot. I tested the fuel pump and it works properly and can see fuel in the carb but i guess its not getting where it needs to go. So as its sitting and waiting i figured id tackle the brakes which i also knew nothing about. The pedal goes straight to the floor without even acting like it does anything so we tried to bleed but got nothing... cant even bleed the to the master cylinder valves so i'm kind of stuck at the moment i think i may have a bad master cylinder. I was able to blow air through the front brake lines (haven't started the backs yet) to clear any gunk before i get to bleed them again and they're clear so were making progress. Im also open to pointers and tips for any of this stuff... Id love to get her up and running before the bbq but so far im cutting it close! Ill keep updating if people are still interested!

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    Now I have another ride to check out at your place lol. I need to get you in touch with my buddy Nico in Canada. He has a talent for tracking down super rare JDM bits from the old Subies. Currently, he's finishing up a ridiculous 1986 Leone STi build.

    Definitely keep us posted and maybe we should get together this weekend!

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    This is incredible. Hope to see it on the road. First thing I would do is work on getting those jump seats back in the bed. Those and an EJ22 and you'll have some petrified passengers.
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    Awesome project!

    Who makes the carb? I have some experience with Holleys from my Mustang days. But I am guessing this would be a Weber or something even more weird.

    The brake issue definitely sounds like the seals in the master cylinder are bad.

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    All I can say on carbs is count how many turns you make on all the jets. Although I will say that is the magic rule on dirtbike carbs, which are also Japanese.
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    Carb is a hitachi i believe i havent pulled it off the car yet because im waiting on the kit but ill check on it and maybe snap some pics when its off... Im also considering just buying a master cylinder and trying it out i think i can get a refurb one for less that $50...

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