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Thread: EJ255 help?

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    EJ255 help?

    I'm looking for a EJ255 to go into a 2005 Legacy 2.5GT. I don't know where to start. My fiance who i tell to check the oil every fill up hasn't been. I found out the hard way with no oil in it and a blown motor later i'm stuck in a sticky situation with no knowledge. where can i get one new? does anyone have one used? how much would a new or used one run me? what's an average cost for labor? anything i need to know about what i should look for when getting a used one? any help is useful.

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    If you're planning on needing a shop to install it for you, I'd locate a shop and see what they're willing to put in there for you (a shop may be picky about the source of the motor for warranty/liability reasons maybe?).

    Good running complete ej255/257s don't pop up on here very often at all. Ebay and Nasioc are good sources for motors. I want to say just about any ej255 or ej257 from a turbo Subaru will work fine without any wiring changes (assuming your car is a manual...automatic may raise some issues) with some compatibility exceptions (mainly newer models). Price kind of depends on how much of it you need. I'd expect $1,000 to $3,500 ranging from just the shortblock up to a complete engine with everything. If you can't find something local, make sure you buy something from a reputable seller/vendor that has sold engines in the past. A seller with lots of good feedback is worth spending a bit extra for.
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    If you're only needing a SB then I just took mine out and have it for sale. It needs a rebuild and happens to be sitting at a shop that could arrange for that to happen. PM me if you're interested.
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    There is also alot of info on THis happens to quite a few people. A short block brand new can be had for around $1700 or so on a certain subaru website that i can't recall right now, but i know the link is somewhere on the LegacyGT forum.
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