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Thread: Hey all u KCSuby veterans! What are you up to these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRXNFX View Post
    I remember Hydro and I giving you an escort from St. Joe to Omaha one night.
    ...and I don't think a loaded Honda Odyssey has made such good time before or since.
    Truth conquers slowly.

    2002 SRP WRX Wagon RIP
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    I bet

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Times/things have Definitely changed in the Subaru community in KC. I've been out of the Subaru game for about 5 years and got a 2011 STi Limited in February 14*LOVE IT*! Swore i'd keep it stock, but we all know how that goes. Not really a fan of the FB sites. Like a lot of you guys have said, a lot of younger kids that like to post random things, not really helpful with peoples questions, etc. was definitely a more personable place to be where everyone (Generally) got along. I did make it to a BBQ meet March and noticed then things had changed. VERY Clickish IMHO - Even my son *Mini Mii - not so MINI anymore* said it was different.

    Really glad this thread was started and KCSUBARU is still around, even if it's a bunch of has beens --- That still are!

    The more that life throws at you, the stronger you become!

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    I think we should use this site the way we used to.. may be a lot slower, but a good place for good guys to hang. the FB groups seem a little better as I try to keep some peace.. who knows if these young pups can learn the idea of brotherhood. It has always come easy to me.. good to see you here and on FB Tanyon.

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Dang where look how far times have come....Being that i cant remember my password to save my life, i started a new name used to 03to04wrx but that will be dead...Have i got a story for you guys......

    Well as you know i traded the LR GR for the 11 STi when they were released in washington then took it with me to Germany where i have been the last 3 1/2 yrs got divorced from bat sh*t crazy woamn after 8 yrs, germany was an eye opener on her wiredness gave up the STi to get her out of my life and about 95% of the possesions i owned, That was in 2012.

    Since then i have been in 3 different BMW's a 135i, 335i and now with 128i that i cant get rid of to save my life....Been out of the tuner world for the rest of the time havent been doing to much besides this whole army thing still in it i know.....

    But now i am back stateside and at Ft. Rucker, AL living the dream out here and driving back and forth to Florida....Had a son in May so he is doing good, he is in Germany as we speak, miniture me running around but i love the little guy....

    Been trying to get back into a Subaru and kinda check out the area around me but cant really get what i want for the 128 its not worth crap but oh well too much so just trying to sell it out right or just have someone take over the payments....

    Got rid of facebook, and i have been sober for 1yr ha ha AA for facebook....I save that for the kids...But like the rest doing the single dad thing and just working away....

    I figured i would pop in on this and see how it is, doesnt look like a lot has gone on over the last 5 yrs that i havent been on this...

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    Been missing my STi since I sold it 2012, although I did find a unicorn in the mean time: The one thing I do miss is the sense of camaraderie when I had the STi, usually would get a wave if I passed another one. You don't get that in an Audi.

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    Even if you didn't wave to me in my LGT, I will definitely give a head-nod to an S6 Avant any day of the week. Nice find.

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