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Thread: Hey all u KCSuby veterans! What are you up to these days?

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    Active Thread will stay alive!!!! Even if I have to pump 4.75 Qts of Synthetic Posts! Actually, I was going to see if anyone still does install days. I miss those times.... 6 cars all baking their headlights in Chris & Matt's oven out in Spring Hill.
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    Kinda fell out of the 'scene' when life started happening, but in the time I've been gone:

    Chloe (the bugeye) saved Anna's life in a highway-speed accident. Of course we took a HUGE loss through the insurance company and replaced the sedan with a bugeye wagon (Bette)...finally got to put that wagon strut-brace I bought from Bishop to use. We just recently traded her up to an '09 Fozzy XT.

    I still dd Polly...she is still (mostly) stock...and I still grin like a school-boy during those early-morning cool weather pulls.

    Guess I should go update my profile now.


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    I moved to where it doesn't snow. That pretty much sums up my life I think.

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    When it cools down we could have a bbq in the park.
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    I am sad to see Gold1e's posts in here. What a great guy, and so sad he is gone. Really makes me sad that the Kenny mess on FB was something he dealt with at the end of his life. I guess it was what he wanted to do huh? Maybe it made him feel plugged in.

    I joined in 07, after meeting STiPower at a Crown Autocross at the Woodlands.. lol

    I purchased my 04 WRX from my dad when the poor guy went up to a 911.

    I was the sticker guy, and flasher. I think I flashed 145 cars in KC and Omaha.

    Got totaled what Spring of 09? Right before I "left" KC. Since I had been at like every meet, flashed and sold stickers to like every member, parted out the car to members for about $8K. Thank you very very much KCSubaru.

    I used the insurance money plus part out to buy Ben's STi (Hans Grueber). Still drive it. It was pretty stock and I have touched it up a ton. Members gallery is up to date.

    I commuted from Omaha to KC for 20 months and would make the weekly wings meets. We had a huge going away meet at Hooter's on Barry road. It was a good time for sure.

    Made many friends I am still very close with.

    Forums seem to be drying up as more and more use FB and other social media.

    Gold1e made me an admin of KCSUBARU FB group.. not sure that is a blessing or a curse.

    I am still singing my brotherhood song, still being ignored, and it makes me sad to see young men beat each other down instead of helping each other up. I think about Photoroller and Cseaman and others that were all piss and vinegar that have turned out well. I would love to think I helped them in some small way look past the trivialities of life and focus on the heart of the matter, the relationships with those around us (IMHO).

    Live in Wichita now, recently went to a meet focused on "Stanced" cars. Pretty crazy, a Civic 4 door had just been lowered and was scraping all the way through the lot. All the guys were like "I want your car" or "Don't lower it, it is perfect" which was cool.

    I am so old now that I take my 2 year old to daycareand the kids call my car "the race car" and me "race car guy" at recess. It makes me sad when they are inside.

    I swamped my STi a few months ago in a flash flood. Took the interior out, dried everything including the ECU, and she is running as good as ever, and has a clean interior!

    I miss the good old days, I saw the change coming. Not to sound elitist, but when we were all hanging out in 07, bugeyes were only 5 years old. Sill an expensive enthusiast car. As bugeyes got cheaper, more and more people could get them. Some of these younger members are pretty good friends too, but some are just less classy, IMHO. I still like everyone, but some peoples kids just act a fool.

    Great to see the older guys in this thread. We need, Paul and Matt to check in. Fran, Tailwag... I follow all these guys on FB, so I see what they are up to..

    BTW Joe, you are selling your house at the end of Summer, I guess it is good to have estate planning, but kind of dark for this thread. That is a little test to see if anyone will read this classically long WRXNFX post.

    - Jeff Polson

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    I read it Jeff, and I'm wondering how much whiskey it took for you to become that sentimental...

    I mostly agree with what you said except for the flashing part... how indecent of you!

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    No alcohol was consumed in creating that post. . I am a nice guy, flame suit on. No homo. Lol

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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    Good to hear from you, Jeff.

    As far as sentimentality goes, I have to think back to doing brakes in your garage in 2008. Other than changing oil or tire rotations, it was the first time I'd really gotten my hands dirty. You shared your time to teach me that it was really about following directions and applying torque in the right direction. Since then, I've done almost more things than I can count...radiators, starters, alternators, valve cover gaskets, brakes, transmission swaps, clutches, etc. If it weren't for your "man, it's soooo easy!" I probably wouldn't own as many tools as I do now. Take that or leave it.

    The changes that this forum has seen are not only due to model availability and social media, in my opinion. We were indeed a more tightly knit crew, and very much into helping each other. While it is definitely more sparse and less common, that spirit still lives on -- though in more closely guarded and earned circles. I would like to think that we can get back to that again, but I really don't think that's going to happen. I'd be happily proven wrong.

    Some of us have grown up, or moved away, or moved on. Some of us are just recidivist assholes and keep coming back from time to time. I'm happy to be part of the latter.

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    I remember Hydro and I giving you an escort from St. Joe to Omaha one night.

    Subaru, it's all we'll drive!

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