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Thread: KCSubaru Annual BBQ 4/12/14

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    KCSubaru Annual BBQ 4/12/14

    When: Saturday, April 12th 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm
    Where: Shawnee Mission Park, shelter #4

    We are starting up annual BBQ again! We have already reserved shelter #4 which for those that are unfamiliar is the same shelter that has been used in the past for BBQ meets. It is that large shelter and parking lot by the boat ramp. We will be needing volunteers to help bring supplies for the BBQ and help. More details will be posted as the time nears.


    Justin 05 STi (2.5) - shelter, trash bags
    matt25sti (2)
    Zero1 (1)
    DevXTech (1)
    kyNg02bugeye (maybe ?)
    stillatoy (maybe ?)
    rjnolen (maybe 3)
    BigC (1) - beans, slaw, BBQ sauce
    Kilby33 (1) - buns
    Type2 (2) - $10
    2.5rsTwanted (1)
    eph_kay (1)
    Logpet (1) - $10
    Tiffany (1)
    alexfromop (1) - hog
    JOHNNY J (1)
    Lil Blue (2) - $10, 3 bean salad
    Jagular1785 (maybe)
    Sierra1 (1) - $10
    bizzlestiharris (3) - chips
    ElScooby (1) - $
    JR's08WRX (1)
    Blue Meanie (2.5) - napkins and side dish
    WRX04KCMO (maybe) - pop or chips
    3FireCreative (2) - plates, cups, plasticware, napkins
    2.5rsTwanted (2)
    soro (1) - dessert
    jonnyparko (1) - pop
    WrxLULZ (1) - drinks
    Mschnitz (3) - cookies
    testdummy (1) - water and a dessert
    trustkevin13 (2)
    VdoManZ (1) - side dish and cookies
    Twizted05 (maybe)
    dukenukem (1)
    Copyright Infringement (2) - veggie plates
    Blueberry (1) - side or fruit
    Bret Taylor (2) - brats and condiments
    KUHambone (1) - brownies
    barrett045 (3) - pickles


    other sides
    bean bags, washers, football, soccer ball, hacky sack
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    Magic Moses Zero1's Avatar
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    I am looking forward to this as the SMP BBQ in 2009 was right after I bought my Legacy and my first meet with KCSubaru. Many great times have been had with my friends in this community. Be there or be square

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    Scoobie Expert
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    If I'm not outside the country for work I'm going to try my very best to make it out from IL. Would be nice to see a bunch of old faces.

    - Omar

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    Super Moderator Justin 05 Sti's Avatar
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    And if this takes off and is a success, it's early enough in the spring that a fall BBQ could be arranged too.

    I will be there and likely have my wife and kid in tow as well.

    They finally emailed me the rental contract so everything is confirmed. They said we have to bring our own garbage bags so put me on the list for bringing those.

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    i might be able to make it to this one still kinda far out to be for sure

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    Scoobie Regular rjnolen's Avatar
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    depending on how school is going, I may make it out with the wife and kiddo along

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    Scoobie Expert BigC's Avatar
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    I'm about 95% sure I can make this. I'm down for bringing whatever is needed. Do we need to chip in for the shelter Matt?

    '13 XV Crosstrek Premium CVT
    '11 Legacy 2.5i Premium CVT
    '01 Forester S 4EAT
    '04 BMW R1150R

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    Not sure I'll make it. I am supposed to be in Georgia for a two week driving instructor course for work. If that changes, Ill be there!
    '02 CMB E46 M3
    '14 XV Crosstrek Limited

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    Scoobie Expert Kilby33's Avatar
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    I'm off that weekend ill be there. I can bring hamburger and hot dog buns
    David - My 2004 STi (Sold)

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    We will be accepting donations for food and shelter costs. Also you can help by bringing hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, drinks, ice, plates, napkins and other things. If you plan to help by bringing items please let me know so we can make sure we don't have 1000 hot dogs and no buns
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