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Thread: It bit me in the butt! HG replacement 39k Mileage 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i N/A

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    It bit me in the butt! HG replacement 39k Mileage 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i N/A

    Sent my Legacy into Subaru for an oil change and they called me back telling me my head gasket is leaking. The service manager worked out a deal and said if I paid a $250 deductible and also paid for the new AC Belt, Alternator belt, and Timing Belt the rest would be covered. What do you all think, should I sell the Legacy after this for seeing this might happen again? 39K mileage on her and all maintenance has been done since day one, something tells me this was a bad purchase. Also I'm only assuming it's safe to replace the timing belt since they're doing the HG. I need some good hard advice on if it's smart to keep my N/A 2.5i Legacy or just sell it off and get at least a turbo model or something different? The Service manager said this kind of deal which pretty much pays for the whole HG job, minus the AC Belt, Alternator belt, and timing belt.

    Advice from the seniors here is wanted, also if anyone on the board still works for Subaru too.
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    Paying for those items is definetly cheaper than the $2200ish it would be to just do the HG's.

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    It's $250 for deductible and I guess roughly $100 for timing belt. AC belt and Alternator belt are pretty cheap, should I be calling SOA on this? I mean the service manager is only making me pay $250 plus those three parts for the entire job, should I Just fork it over and stop ranting??? The Service manager said very few times is he allowed to do a deal such as this considering he looked at the car and saw obviously I took excellent care of her. I'm afraid in the near future if this car will pop another leak considering all the NASIOC forums I've been reading of people with less miles having the same issue. Serious advice is needed if I should just cut my losses and sell her at low miles so I can get the most for her, instead of waiting for another head gasket issue.
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    Sounds like a pretty good deal, partner. OTD for < $400 with new head gaskets, timing/accessory/alt belt?

    Or, sell and buy LGT and grin when you turn your throttle into a binary pedal.

    Had it overheated?
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    I'd say it sounds like a pretty decent deal. Are you just barely out of your 5yr/60k for power train warranty? If you aren't this should definitely be covered. If you're just barely out of the deal it sounds like the $250 is about the best deal you're going to get.

    Unless you're looking to get into a turbo leggy then I say go get what you want. Remember that a turbo leggy has a lot of soft costs associated other than just the car price..somehow finding one that isn't beat on, worse gas mileage, insurance etc, etc. It's easy to forget that stuff after you test drive one.
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    No it hasn't over heated, they noticed a leak from the HG after they did the oil change. It just haunts me after reading TONS of posts about the 2.5i N/A motor having issues with HG going bad. Also I read something up on using some conditioner in the coolant every so miles? No mods on her, just used as a daily driver to get to and from work. I still have a hard time believing the dealership Service Manager is able to swing this kind of a deal, almost makes me feel like I'm getting trapped into something. Also the HG leak from where it's leaking from is an External HG leak I guess common with quite a few people. Read tons of NASIOC thread of others with less than 20k mileage having this issue.

    I guess in all I'm just worried about this motor if it will ruin another HG. I can't seem to find a direct issue on what causes this at such low mileage. Oh also the service manager pointed out 9 other Subaru Legacies that were having the same issue, all low miles in the service bay. Something tells me 2.5 N/A motor has a major flaw if this many people are having issues. Sad part is, all those Legacies have been serviced at the dealership since day one!
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    Coming from someone that has done that job myself, that is not a bad price at all. In fact it is quite good. I will comment more later when I get more time.
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    Have you seen actual proof of the leak? Missing coolant or wet spots?

    If yes I would jump all over the service manager's offer, whether you plan to keep the car or not.

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    Get it done, then start your seach for a Leggy GT, or a 3.0 R.
    If you look on, there are some decent ones for sale usually that were driven, but maintained. You won't be able to find a Legacy GT at a dealer very often.
    I would highly reccomend one though. But make sure the car has been serviced well. And if you want to avoid other troubles then buy a 2007 and up. I would highly reccomend a Spec B. They are sooooo choice.
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    Service manager said it was leaking oil right by the cross member or whatever word he used. There is no coolant leak, it's got oil leaking.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also considering the offer he is giving me, don't think he's trying to screw me over. Specially since I'm not paying for labor and very few items. Most places want that labor cost. He told me over the phone he was just extending the offer.

    Explained to me he rather give the offer instead of losing customers over this issue he's aware of. So safe to say, pretty sure he's being extremely kind.

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