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Thread: KC Subaru Ideas & Brainstorming Thread

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    KC Subaru Ideas & Brainstorming Thread

    This is the official thread to follow up on the ideas and brainstorming meet that we had back in October.

    Use this thread to make suggestions on meets, site changes, vendor opportunities, and sponsorship or event participation such as scoobaplazooa.

    This thread is to be kept positive at all times as to keep it constructive.
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    Alan, First off, thank you for taking the time and getting these threads up and understanding where some of us were coming from in previous threads. Again I can not emphasize enough that these are simply my suggestions and strictly opinions. everyone is entitled their own so enjoy or hate, your call.

    as per request and elaboration:

    -Bring the forum to a new format. - the forum feels very out-dated and there are no sub categories ( gen specific categories, gallery, other make and model category, bike category, maybe northlander area, southlander, Topeka side, Columbia side, etc)

    -Updated the main page- I cannot stress this enough that for a first time looker getting wind of the site from the facebook page, see info from a year ago and think... well the site must be dead since nobody has updated the recent events or stuff.

    -giving the vendors some rules or subcategories- I know MKC has been posting tons of non Subaru related parts for sale on the site and it bothers some, giving vendors their own sub categories might help keep every happy.

    hope this helps some and I know you all are doing all you can to help the site. I for one am happy that changes are being made staffing and site based.
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    I know you guys have done lunch meets a couple of times. I can make those better than the weekend ones.

    I would like to see a refresh of the Ride of the Month. Maybe change it to the Pic of the Moth instead. I feel like a lot of us normal Subarus/ Honda S2000s and other cars might be able to do some more candid pics that way. My car will never be calendar worthy, but I've had some pretty nice candid shots.
    I also wouldn't mind a refresh of th categories, Christmas Subaru, Twins (from the current version), in the mud, urban pics, subaru photo bombing, Subaru Planking (this one might be a stretch), best action shot, stuff like that.

    If no one cares, then so be it, I just thought it would be a good way to get some pics up. A lot of the members I have memorized are from cool pics they have taken. Like the Blue Meanie, or 95GTGirl doing autocross.
    Just my two cents. A monthly contest would at least bring some sort of action up once a month for current members. Something to do, like the photo tag thing.

    Also, a quick word to the Vendors, I would not have gone to get my car tuned, or my windows tinted if I hadn't been on here and seen some good reccomendations on the Forum. I also still love buying random parts on here on the classifieds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WA-GONE09 View Post
    -Bring the forum to a new format. - the forum feels very out-dated and there are no sub categories ( gen specific categories, gallery, other make and model category, bike category, maybe northlander area, southlander, Topeka side, Columbia side, etc)
    Forum uses the same software as nearly every other forum I'm on. Might feel outdated because of the color scheme.

    As far as categories, I think the forum isn't big enough for most, if not all, of those categories. How many people live in Topeka or Columbia are active on here? All that would happen, IMO, are a bunch of empty forums with no threads that make the forum look more dead than what it is.

    Maybe an "other vehicle" category for us S2000 owners, but that's honestly all that I think would be needed. It could include bikes.

    KC Subaru just isn't big enough to support multiple categories. If there's 100+ active posters, your ideas would be great. With the 5 or 10 active posters? Ehhhh....

    Just my $.02.

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    I really like the idea of having sections for different models. The first thing I do when I get the 'I want a new car' itch is go hunting reviews and forums for that specific model.
    I feel the biggest group of people missing from this site are the plain old stock drivers. If I can go into my lowly impreza (non wrx/sti) forum and ask questions and do some research its a lot less intimidating than asking the whole group. Its also a good place a person can go directly to and look for known issues or recalls. I prefer to see what real people are saying Vs. a generic vehicle site grabbing opinions and statistics that seem sponsored/sketchy.

    Separate Community/Charity Events section - I know there are some already some established events KCSubaru does but what better way to attract people to a site?
    KC has a plethora of events 5Ks, Walks, Cycling, Motorcycle rides and community outreach programs. It can be stuff that only cost a couple hours of time at food kitchen or harvesters. You just need a few people to eyeball local calendars. There isn't a need to hound for participation just plant the seed and let it grow.
    I'm gonna go all old lady now > > Its something to make the site more general public and family friendly. Because its not always about Racecar!
    I challenge you, next time you hear of a cycling event go drive through the parking lots and see how many subies there are. How can you get all those folks to this site?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Is it another fun thing you could maybe add to the site somehow? #kcsubaru has some photos.
    Can groups be created there?
    Nice way to be able upload a photo without fretting image hosting?
    (obvious Instagram noob)

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    A public calendar where events could be posted. Like the meetings I have at work

    It would be great if users could post events on a calendar - the event could link to the post with details. But it would be a simple place to see what's going on for the week / month / day.

    Anything from events like scoobapuluza or things like "need help changing a timing belt "

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    A meet where we wrench on our cars. I.e., meet up at DIY auto, rent a lift or two for the day and knock out some projects on our cars. I know I need to do a couple things I'd rather have an extra knowledgeable hand in doing. Maybe even have a BBQ afterwards.

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    These are all greats ideas everyone, thank you for the input
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    1 thing that Iowa Subaru Club does to get new members is they have buisness cards made up that have something like "you are invited" then the web address or facebook site under it. this would be a great idea then when yer out and about and you see a Subaru just stick it in the driver window.

    Also I would like to see a Subi Kids meet this spring/summer for those of us with kids. I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old that I put before anything. I love my WRX and I love Subaru's in general. I would love to get my kids into it as well.

    Bringing back ride of the month would be great. I for 1 felt very good about my car when I won a month even if I was only up against 1-2 other members.

    Lastly I like the idea of the other make and model section. The main reason I got away from the forum is that everyone was selling their Subarus and buying other makes and then they swarmed the forum with talk about those cars. I don't want to see those members leave the forum because a lot of them are very knowledgable however this is a Subaru forum.
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    +1 on a Subi Kids friendly meet/s
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