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Thread: Junk metal

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    Cool Junk metal

    I'm going to be making a found object sculpture to commemorate my grandpa. It will be a metal crow.

    If anyone has metal parts smaller than a football (or close to that size) that you want to get rid of. I would love to come get them.

    Connecting rods
    Random lines
    Rusty shovels.
    Anything really

    Shoot me a pm. And I'll swing by.


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    I have a whole block full of all those parts. Here is the problem. I dont' have the air tools to get them out. Also, some of the bolts to keep the block together are partially stripped. I think you could bust them loose with a proper air tool though. Your for free. I also have some bolts, nuts and other stuff laying around. Nut much but something.
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    I'll look around in the garage to see what I can spare.
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    Awesome guys! I'll shoot you each a pm.

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    Come on by. Got many things you could probably use.
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    i have lots of new copper. its all linesets for a/c but looks good.

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    hmmm…*I could braise the copper to the other pieces…

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    i have a whole tub full of the stuff if you want to come pick some things out. i'm interested to see the finished project!

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    thank Geoff and AJ.

    I'll try and hit the rest of you guys up soon.


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    Its been a long time, but I wanted to let you guys see what I put together. I dropped the crow off last week. Thanks to all you guys who chipped in parts.

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