Greddy has released two new Evo 3 exhaust systems for the 02-07 Subaru STI 2011 + STI Sedan with 80 MM diameter piping.

The Evo3 was designed to provide the best combination of Performance and Sound. Retaining the same Evo muffler style and effective off-set Tip combination, the new Evo3 muffler overall diameter is now 10% smaller, but maintains effective sound suppression with a classic GReddy Evo sound. Each vehicle application is carefully studied and designed with larger piping diameters to maintain proper routing and flow for power, throaty sound at wide-open throttle and precise fitment and functional style.

2011 + Subaru STI Sedan
.Part #: 10167300
.Retail:$ 1395.00
.Number of pieces: 3
.Dual Muffler Cat-Back
.Piping: 80mm (3.11")
.Tip: 4x 102mm (4.0")
.Gasket: 80mm oval (qty: 2, included)
.Resonator: Yes
.Weight: 44.8lbs
.Sound level: 92 / 94 db @ 4500 RPM

02-07 Subaru WRX/STI
.Part #: 10167301
.Number of pieces: 2pcs.
.Piping: 80mm (3.14")
.Tip: 102mm
.Gasket: 2x - 80mm
.Resonator: yes
.Weight: 26.3lbx
.Sound level: 87dBA @ 4500 (with silencer)

PM for KCSubaru pricing & details!!!