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Thread: Live in MO, buy car in KS

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    Well apparently its the same rate as sales tax because i know what I paid on my wrx tax wise, i bought it from KS and i live in MO. semantics is all it is, the gov't is going to get their money one way or another

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    Read the news article I posted. It talks about it and the rates.

    The state dor has a calculator and tells you the tax rate. I live in kcmo, and the difference is 8.35% to 7.1 for buying from an in state dealer vs out of state or individual.
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    Already traded my wifes car in and she has a new vehicle - that was fast. When we go to get tags at the DMV here on the MO side, we will pay a tax at that time. Got all our questions answered here (thanks everyone) and also at the dealer we bought from, looks like we will actually save a lot doing it this way. So that is good to know in the near future when it is time to get rid of my xB. I am shooting for Spring/Summer to get rid of the xB.

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    in that case ive got a newer hatch STI for ya
    im sure i could let it go for a decent price and i wont charge sales tax either lol
    As much as I like the STI hatches, I need something with a bit more mpg. So if it was just a WRX hatch, I'd be interested. Otherwise since the price of a new one is within budget, I may go that route. I've never owned a new car - always bought used.
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