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Thread: Custom 3" 2006 STI exhaust and subwoofer system sale

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    Custom 3" 2006 STI exhaust and subwoofer system sale

    Whats up guys, I'm just cleaning out my garage of stuff i dont use anymore.

    Custom 3" open Cat-back exhaust that came off of my 2006 STI. nothing wrong with it, just a lil too loud for my neighbors. sounds amazing to me though 150obo

    I'm selling all my stereo systems I took out of cars before selling them. both systems are like new and work perfect, just too much for me now that I'm getting older. both less than a year old. the JL audio system is a 250/1 amp, 2 2. 12in JLaudio w1v2s in a built to spec sealed box. sounds amazing like new 225.00 obo

    The kicker system is a barely used kicker CVX sub in a single sealed box pushed massive audio D1200 amp with a capacitor to help out. I'd take 250 obo.

    works perfect and both are very loud. shoot me an offer and let's make a deal before Xmas.

    I also have a brand-new kicker CVX that had never been used- 125obo

    I also have 2 dual 12in slot ported boxes one has the L-port for very deep bass-75 obo
    The second box is regular slot port- 55 obo

    call or text me at 913-731-0043


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    I'm interested in that exhaust but I'm in Chicago till after the Holidays. Hope you still have it then.


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    That exhaust is amazing! If I had a running wrx I'd buy it
    - Omar G.C.
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    i still have the exhaust if interested

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