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Thread: I Swear Im not Dead

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    I Swear Im not Dead

    Still here and there, but been too busy lately

    .. growing a beard is hard work

    but seriously, three kids is hard work, I don't know how we'll deal with four!
    |l Josh D l|
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    I call bullshit.

    Post a picture of you holding a cat in your arms and a tennis shoe on your head to prove its really you.

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    I was growing a gnarly beard until I messed up trimming it. That's my cool story.

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    I think there's a Tribeca Patrick would love to get out of his showroom that would handle six pretty well

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    Point missed. Congrats on the new little one!
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    So yeah, the Leggy is gone and been replaced with a Sequoia ...

    This thread is too funny, three kids is childs play compared to the coming craziness that is my life with 5 kids!
    |l Josh D l|
    2005 SWP Legacy 2.5i Wagon - 30 MPGS YO!

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