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Wagon Roof Rail Delete

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This has to be one of my favorite mods to my car thus far. The entire process for me took between 2-3 hours. I had a few mistakes that caused me to take longer than it would have taken error free.

The tools needed:

Phillips screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver
10 & 14 mm sockets
Pickle fork door panel removal tool. This one is optional considering you could use a putty knife or even your flathead screwdriver. I used the screwdriver.

Accessory Removal

1) First, I started by using the phillips head screwdriver to remove the sun visors. This included that funky little fold down visor between the two sun visors.

2) Remove the "OH S*&T" handles. you must carefully pry up each end of the handle to reveal the phillips head screw underneath. Be careful in prying these up because they will go back the way they were on the reinstall. I used a flathead screwdriver to pop them up.

3) Next is the seatbeat guides. To do so, you must pop the cover off the seatbelt guide using a flathead spin the guide upside down to reveal the opening to pop open the cover. Now use a 14mm socket to remove the bolt and seatbelt guide. Do this for all 4 shoulder seatbelts.

4) Remove to front map light. use a flathead screwdriver to pop the lens off. Be careful not damage the lens. DO NOT TWIST the screwdriver to remove the lens. Just insert into slot and pry up. That will keep you from damaging the dome light. Under the lens there are two phillips head screws. unscrew these screws and unclip the wires to remove the entire assembly.

5) Remove dome light. Use the same method as removing the front map light. One again, be careful not to damage the dome light cover when removing.

Interior Panels Removal

Next, it is time to remove the interior body panels.
5) Remove the A-pillars (The pillar between the front side window and windshield). Take hold of the top of the moulding just below the top edge and pull down towards yourself. The pillar is held in by clips and will pop free with a little force. the pillar does not need to be removed completely. Just enough to have access to the headliner (maybe half way down)Do both driver and passenger side.

6) Next remove the B-pillars (the pillar between the front and rear door, spanning from floor to ceiling). The B pillar is in two pieces (upper and lower) both need to be removed.First, you will have to lossen the front and rear door jams sill covers. They will pop free by pulling them straght up. Get your finger underneth the moulding and pull up. There is a plastic snap rivet in the rear door jam 1/2 way up the jam along the B pillar. To remove the rivet all you need to do is use a straight screwdriver and gently slide it between the moulding and the rivet head. This should pop out with little force. Remove the entire rivet. Now, to pull out the lower B pillar, you must follow the edge of the pillar moulding and pry it loose, popping the clips as you do. Eventually, it will get to the point where the moulding can be pulled out but not off. It is too secure to remove completely.

7) Remove the C-D pillars (This is the trunk / storage area.) Start by removing the rear cargo shade. Under those points where the shade goes into the panel you will find a phillps head screw. Remove the screw. At the rear you will also find a phillps head screw where the shade slides into. Remove that screw. Now using the same method to separate the A & B pillars from the car, pull the moulding loose. Once the C & D pillar moulding is loose, I pulled it free the same way as the other pillars, by pulling down and out toward me.

Remove the rear moulding at the top of the cargo door area. It will come off by pulling straight down. Start on one side and work it free to the other.

Headliner Removal

9) Remove the snap in retainers that hold the headliner up. Here, I used my flathead screwdriver but if you have a pickle fork tool, use that. I just didn't want to spend the extra money on something I would likely never use again.. There are 3 spots to remove these push-in type retainers. Under the rear moulding (step 6) you will find two of these. Slide the tool in between the headliner and the metal body to pop them free. There are 3 clips total to remove. the first 2 are in the center of the roof just above the rear passenger area. These come out very easily. these come out very easily so virtually no force is need to pop them out. There are two pieces to each clip, so make sure you remove both pieces because you will need to reinstall them later.The last tab is under the center visor area. This one takes a little more force but will come out.

10) At this point, you should be able to separate the headliner from the roof by peeling back the rubber weatherstrips. Remove the headliner assembly through the rear cargo door. It might be helpful to have a friend guide it out. You may need to bend the headliner a little to get it to fit out the back but make sure not to bend it too much or you will crease the headliner..

Rail Removal

11) Use a 10mm socket to remove The front 'OH S&*T' handle mounts. You will need to do this to get access to the front rail bolts.

12) Now remove all the nuts that hold the rack in place. There should be 8 in total (4 on each side)

13) now separate the rack from the roof. You also need to remove the remaining molding pieces on the roof. Do not just pull them off, you will break the clips that hold the molding in place. Slide the molding towards the front of the car which gently pulling up. the molding will slide off the clips easily once you get it started. You need to make sure that the clips stay intact because these are the same clips that hold the rail deletes in place.

14) since you will not be putting another rack on the roof, you need something to plug the holes where the rack mounted. I found 2 options for this. The first is to use 8 expansion plugs to seal them up. You can pick these up at Home Depot. The size is: #8-32 x 15/32. You will also need 8 screws: #8-32 x 1 inch. while this seems to work fine, it does take some work to get the expansion plus in and the top of the plugs are not very wide, so they just barely sit on top of the holes. The other option I found, which seems to be a little more secure is to take the 2 nuts and bolts that came from the 'OH S&*T' bar mount that you removed and get 8 of these. They fit perfectly in the holes and create a good seal. For extra insurance, you can get rubber washers to give you an even better seal but it is not needed.

15) Insert the expansion plugs (or nut/bolt/washer). Like I said before, the expansion plugs take some work to get in and secure but the nut/bolt/washer option is a little easier to secure.


16) Slide the rail deletes onto the clips in the reverse method you removed them. They should slide along the clips easily. When lined up, press down on the rail deletes to pop them into place.

15) Reverse the step to reassemble.

* Be carful with all the weatherstrip so you don't deform or cut them.
* Don't forget to reinstall the grab handle mounting plates before you reinstall the headliner.
* back sure when placing the headliner back in, be conscious of which side is front and back. I made this mistake and had to pull it back out and turn it around.

Now step back and check it out. Looks great. I just need the roof moldings to finish the job. The Canadian TS Model comes without the roof rails so you can use them. I don't have the part #'s from these rails but I will call a Canadian dealer on Monday to order these moldings. If anyone knows the part #'s let me know.
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