2012 Scoobies for Boobies Fundraising

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Deadline for fundraising is October 31st, 2012. So we have a two week period.

Goal: $500+ Anything extra over $500 is worth it. Last year we raised $370, which was $70 more than our goal!

I will be putting up the new fundraising group tonight so check back for that later.

All t-shirt and merchandise purchases are considered donations directly to the Scoobies 4 Boobies Team effort and are not a part of our group sponsorship effort to have our logo printed on the shirts and distributed nationally.

To donate toward our group goal of $500, please visit

Merchandise available separate from our group fundraising goal can be found for purchase at

This is a preliminary thread to get the conversation started.

They released more information on their website last Wednesday on this years fundraiser and I am starting to go through it to find out what has changed. First off they have new sponsorship levels. In years past if you reached the $300 mark you were given a spot on the t-shirts for the group logo. This year they have increased that level to $500 aka Silver level for a third tier t-shirt spot.

I am not sure if I dropped the ball on getting this years fundraising kicked off or if they were late getting info out but I apologize and will take the blame. I could explain my delays but I won't as that isn't productive to the cause. So I have a question to ask you all. Do we think we can reach $500 of donations for the silver level to get our logo once again on the t-shirts for the fourth year in a row? Or should we forgo the logo level this year and settle for the website advertising?

Here are the levels we have to aim for:

Link to the merchandise that can be bought this year:

So what are your thoughts? I will get out team page set back up if we got enough interest for this year.
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