100AW pics

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I can't even explain how much fun I had at the Subaru orgy that is 100AW!! Half of the joy of the trip was driving on the awesome roads to get to the stages. It was such a pleasure to see my Subie looking so dirty.

Check out my pics if you want. There aren't many, which doesn't matter. The cars are far too incredible in person.

Higgins' car is the destroyer of all that is holy. Absolutely badass.
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  1. Justin 05 Sti's Avatar
    Those pictures are fantastic! I copied the link to the post on the main forum, hope you don't mind.
  2. MsDragonfly's Avatar
    Thanks! Glad you like them.

    I went with my friends from, and their pictures are far better than mine! Check them out here:

    Crazy Leo's car was freakishly LOUD. Subaru BEAST indeed!
  3. DanC's Avatar
    Those are nice. Leo's car was loud - and fast. Too bad his wheel didn't survive. The finish captain on another stage crew got a picture of the remains, and they turned it into a fire extinguisher holder.
  4. Rocket_88's Avatar
    This was our fourth year down to 100 AW. Decided to volunteer this year and had an excellent time. Missed spending time at the Service stages and the Parc Expose, but got to see the Rally from some new angles! I saw the KCSUBARU stickers when I was down there and that helped bring me to the site. I would definitely recommend the race to any who are interested in motor-sports that use ACTUAL cars on ACTUAL roads. And they know how to turn right AND left. So much fun.