• New Vendor! Midwest Tinting

    Midwest tinting offers a variety of services to accommodate and protect your investments. Our Variety of high performing film option includes a Lifetime Nationwide warranty, professional installation and your choice of 70%, 50, 35, 20, 15 and 5% tint.

    XPEL’s Paint Protective film by Midwest Tinting protects your vehicle’s exterior paint from rock chips, salt, sand, and debris. This can be applied to the high impact areas of your investment as a protective barrier between you and the elements of the road.

    We also offer protective film and tint for you headlights and taillights to prevent oxidation or add a unique appearance to any year, make or model.
    Racing stripes, pin stripping, stock images, blackout badges, or custom decals are also available.

    Please PM or email [email protected] for exclusive KCSubaru pricing.
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    1. sales@midwesttinting.com's Avatar
      [email protected] -
      Thanks again KC Subaru! We appreciate the invite to join this elite club and look forward to protecting your Subaru investments and creating a unique look to each individual year, make and model that you Subaru lovers adore! Happy Holidays!
    1. scooby2.5's Avatar
      scooby2.5 -
      Had them redo my tint that was fading about 3 years ago. Bought the new lifetime warranty against fade tint. Cant remember what it was called. Anyway its been great.

      Highly recommend the 40 highway store
    1. wengland's Avatar
      wengland -
      Have not had them tint my Subaru yet, but have seen many of their cars - great work!