• Mid-Missouri Meet 10/20

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    Alright fellas... Its that time again!!!! One final car meet before the weather begins to change...

    The last two meets in STL were a huge success with lots of people and plenty of great looking cars!!! Im glad I had a chance to put something together for everyone to enjoy. This time were going to try something a bit different at a new location. BBQ like we did at the first meet and a bit more spirited driving on actual twisties

    Tentative Agenda:
    1. Meet & Greet/Eat @ Cosmos Park / BBQ(~11-3)
    2. Photo Shoot
    3. Cruise
    4. Night out at the bars/clubs

    Last Two Meets:


    DATE: Saturday, October 20, 2012
    LOCATION: Cosmo Park- Dexheimer Shelter
    TIME: 11AM---->

    1615 Business Loop 70 West
    Columbia, Missouri 65202

    My intentions are as follows:
    -This is something we will work on closer to the meet date.

    I currently have a route planned. As having grown up in the area since I was a little child I believe I have a nice route planned, just let me know how long/short you guys would like. I will have printed out routes for everyone come time to leave. We will have this route broken into a few segments to make sure everyone made it through alright. I will need a designated person to bring up the rear at all segments. This may require the use of some 2-way radios. I believe this drive will last 1-2 hours depending on how long you guys would like things to last. More details to follow.

    Tentative map for cruise:

    As many of you will not be able to make it that is understandable, but for those who will... Let me know if you have any intention on staying the night I can set up a great rate at one of the local hotels. Other than that we just plan on going out to the local bars and having a good time. Since we will be in the heart of Mizzou...just remember you may keep getting older, but they seem to stay the same age :thumbsup2: Should be a GREAT time...

    Caravans: STL Group & KC Group???

    NOTE: If you plan on bringing $$$ instead of food, drink, or other items for the BBQ, I will ask for a set amount of a $5 donation to be fair to those whom are bringing items. I will have a "TIP" jar handy