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  1. My dream car!

    I've wanted a WRX for 10 years, and I finally grew enough balls to buy her! I never thought I'd own a hatchback, but I LOVE IT!! I've done a couple piddly little things so far, like tinting the windows, replacing the shift knob (thanks, @555STi), adding smoky plate covers, and picking off the Lee's Summit decal. I really can't wait to start boosting her performance, tho! And yes, her name is Dirty Diana... Just like MJ's song.
  2. My Dirty Little Girl

    2003 WRX Sedan - PSM Bugeye

    Sti TMIC
    DW200 (255lph) Fuel pump
    GSC Stage 1 Cams
    Blitz Dual Core Blow Off
    Perrin Catless UpPipe
    Perrin 3" Catless DP
    Custom short 3" exhaust - Dynomax 12"

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  3. Black & Blue Meanie - The New Debut

    The car ("Blue Meanie") - 2002 World Rally Blue WRX Sport Wagon

    I bought her in 2004, bone stock, with 11,000 miles on herů. as of this post we just broke 129,000!

    Other than my first set of wheels (before these), the JVC, amp and sub all the rest of this has been done this year due to a terrible case of Infectious Subi Modding (ISM)

    VF39 ...

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