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  1. All the Subes I've Loved Before

    A pictorial retrospective of my past loves...

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    2005 Outback Sport
    "Ziggy" ("...screwed up eyes and screw-down hair-do, like some cat from Japan...")

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    2008 Outback Sport
    "DarkSide" (I miss this car so much. It was so sexy. Like driving the Batmobile.)

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    2004 Forester XS
  2. My Dirty Little Girl

    2003 WRX Sedan - PSM Bugeye

    Sti TMIC
    DW200 (255lph) Fuel pump
    GSC Stage 1 Cams
    Blitz Dual Core Blow Off
    Perrin Catless UpPipe
    Perrin 3" Catless DP
    Custom short 3" exhaust - Dynomax 12"

    Updated 08-15-2012 at 05:41 PM by CZ03WRX

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  3. Black & Blue Meanie - The New Debut

    The car ("Blue Meanie") - 2002 World Rally Blue WRX Sport Wagon

    I bought her in 2004, bone stock, with 11,000 miles on herů. as of this post we just broke 129,000!

    Other than my first set of wheels (before these), the JVC, amp and sub all the rest of this has been done this year due to a terrible case of Infectious Subi Modding (ISM)

    VF39 ...

    Updated 09-05-2014 at 09:31 PM by Blue Meanie

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  4. DIY STI air splitter

    So I install a STI scoop on the wagon, but wanted to make sure I was getting the most benefit from it. I didn't want to spend the $75 or so on a OEM splitter, so I made my own.

    I fabbed it up out of cardboard first to get my measurements close and test fit things.

    Then I moved to aluminum since it was easy to bend

    In the end I used steel and had the sides as separate pieces. This provided the sturdiest option and ease of assembly (vs the 1 piece aluminum ...
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  5. DIY 4-Wheel Alignment

    I recently (with a lot of help) upgraded my suspension. well, with any tweaking / changing of the suspension, an alignment is a given. Now, I have chosen to take my car to LSS to get an alignment but while just doing a little informational research about alignments, I found some DIY for a 4-Wheel alignment from a couple of different places. For anyone who already has the supplies and the time, this is a great alternative to spending $80.00 or more on an alignment.

    Tools Needed ...
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