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01-20-2011, 09:39 PM
The car is not sitting as stock right now but will be very soon. If you do want the car with the mods on, PM me and we can negotiate a price. However, that time is closing fast!

Heres an update:

The bottom line is that I need at least 14,000 to make the purchase of the new car to work.

So, for 13,000 you will get a nearly stock car. Most of the parts on the car will be parted out and used to reach the 14k mark.

For 14,000 you will get the car with many of the modifications still on the car. These would include:

VF39 with supporting mods and appropriate map minus the STi top mount. (the sti top mount never provided enough of a benefit to run it on my application)

Turbo XS 4 inch downpipe custom mated to a 3 inch Stromung catback

STi take off struts with Tananbe GF210 springs

Progress rear sway bar with endlinks

Whiteline front sway bar with endlinks

Hawk HPS brake pads with motul fluid, stainless steel lines (less than 6 months old)

STi wing, splitters, scoop.

Wheels are still up in the air.


The basics:

2005 WRX with around 65000
---2004 STi center console with extended armrest. Has the STi shifter trim and the red stitched e-brake handle.
---Windows tinted 20 in the rear, 35 in the front, and an eyebrow
---JDM STi side turnmarkers
---STi roof vane
--- moonroof
--- wiring and buttons for heated seats (lost them when traded for sti interior)

The good:
--Motor runs strong, absolutely no problems with it what-so-ever
--no problems with the transmission with
--Paint still in good shape, no rust spots or huge paint defects
--brake overhaul over the summer (Hawk HPS pads, Motul fluid, sti stainless steel lines)
--Took extremely good care of this car from washing it to keep the paint nice to maintaining interior / engine compartment
-- fluids have been changed for 60,000k service
--ALOT of miles left in her!

The bad:
--steering wheel leather is peeling alittle. Began doing this about a year after I got the car
--small dings and chips around the body courtesy to semi trucks and ungrateful parking lot door smashers
--small dent by the roof line of the car. a small branch fell on it during a storm and I was able to pull some of the dent out.
--The stock gauge cluster does not read correct mileage. I had sti cluster but have kept complete records of mileage.

PM me with any questions you may have! I am always open to offers!


I will get more pictures of the steering wheel and small dents tomorrow!

01-20-2011, 09:40 PM
Photos of the slight damage. Dang thunderstorms :(

This is above the driver rear door:

On the roof:

The steering wheel:

Small mark on the fender:

01-20-2011, 09:41 PM
On the front drive side:

On the lower part of the front bumper:

I don't want people to think this car is beat up since I posted a lot of pictures of the various little dings, the car is in great shape. Just wanted to be thorough about the little dings it does have!

01-22-2011, 08:30 PM
gimme those wheels.

01-30-2011, 08:35 PM
Updated Pictures! Buy me! $12,500!!!!!!!