View Full Version : Omni-directional condensor mic pair

06-27-2010, 06:37 PM
Hey i have a pair of Panasonic WM-1610 electret condenser microphones terminating in 1/4 ends with 10 ft cables one mic clip, and some homebrew windscreens. These are great little mics. i put an add up on craigslist as well, didn't know if anyone was interested here. They're real low pro and sound really good. I used them to record some acoustic guitar a few times, as lecture recording and live lecture amplification use.

I'm looking to get 250 out of them, the're up on ebay for 100-160 each. and the online retailer i found sells them for $595 http://www.pixequip.com/product.aspx?id ... ne_Kit_new (http://www.pixequip.com/product.aspx?id=327282&desc=Panasonic_WM-1610_Electret_Condenser_Microphone_Kit_new)

so thats the deal, PM me with questions like i said i'd like 250 for them, but make me a good offer and i'll probably take it since i have too many toys around the house.