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03-02-2016, 11:10 AM
We are doing the Subaru Shuffle in my house. I'm getting a new car for myself and my son will be getting my current Subaru.

I'm trying to decide what to do with his current Subaru.

It's a high mileage 2001 Outback Wagon, Auto H4, Miles are up there at 247K , everything works but it has 247K This is what it looks like here:


My plan is to put the original wheels and tires back on (currently has some 2011 Legacy silver 8 spokes) The pics at the top of the page show the original wheels.

(I want the wheels for a second set with snows since I'm getting a BRZ)

A few things about the car the good

Upgraded RSB to the STI 19MM w, KB endlinks

Front struts were replaced rears were done already when I got the car a (we've had it since 2012)

Headgasket was done prior to us getting it

Tinted windows

Aftermarket Head Unit and speakers, hands free phone, BT streaming stuff like that.

Aftermarket Heated Seats

Compass autodim mirror

Windshield is relatively new, so there are no pits etc.

Fog lamp assembly's new

Air and cabin air filters just changed not too long ago.

LED B-Up lights

The not so good:

The body has dings and dents here and there, nothing horrendous but it's not showroom that's for sure.

It has a small leak at the front diff, it's been that way since we've owned the car. I've had the dealer look at it a few times and they say it's not really an issue. It just looks a lot worse than it is. The level never really goes down.

Tires are only fair at this point

This may be good or bad, I have a primitive front Skid Plate because the under guard plastic was missing. I may remove it, it's nice but a PITA when it comes time to change the oil. It needs to be dropped first before you can get to anything.

It leaks a little oil underneath, I sometimes have to put 1/2 to 1 quart in in between oil changes (I use synth at 5K intervals M1 oil and filters) The car's old so I have my kid check the oil weekly.

Okay, having said all that, I'm asking about $900 for the vehicle. I'm deciding if I want to Donate it to like NPR or sell it to someone. I'll be taking it off the road today and this weekend I plan on swapping over the wheels.

PM me here or e-mail me at [email protected], this is the only place I've posted this since I only want to deal with local people that are familiar with Subarus ;)