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12-26-2012, 12:53 PM
http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/Images/A_5/3/9/1/91935/69a14fd0270f4555afb42538010bdfad.Large.jpg?u=778bc d04-acf3-4e1c-8838-5ddbd2d94d9f http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/Images/A_5/3/9/1/91935/7c261477e5434d6b94bdb8baae8f0b4d.Large.jpg?u=32bd9 d65-fe6e-423c-876e-8f1975490384

https://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/QUQ1NTEyRUI2Q0Q4QTZCRjk1RDc6M2MzNzhiMmQ5MzdhN2YwYm VjN2FkZDVhYmI1MjcxMDQ=?u=77168554-d86e-4799-918b-608f3205b218 http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/Images/A_5/3/9/1/91935/7_16fd9.Large.jpg?u=272b2aa1-92ae-41bf-b669-cc3ca22822fe

Killer B Motorsport is a Subaru ONLY performance manufacturer. Specializing in a specific make allows tremendous focus and rapid knowledge gain. We provide the highest performing products money can buy, giving you the best value. Our technical expertise in Subaru oiling systems is unmatched and often used by the worlds fastest track prepped Subaru's.

Mission Statement :
Design, Engineer & Manufacture High Performance Subaru Products.

Killer B Philosophy :
Provide Products with Class Leading Performance, Quality and Value

PM for KCSubaru pricing & details!!!

01-05-2013, 04:40 PM
What is the white plastic one? Is that the new stocker?