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11-29-2012, 12:52 PM
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GrimmSpeed Adjustable Wastegate(IWG) Bracket. Years ago GrimmSpeed was the first company to bring Internal Wastegate Brackets to the Subaru market(on a large scale). Since then they've made about 15 different bracket designs to fit various turbos in the market. In an effort to to reduce the number of parts offered to suit various turbochargers Grimmspeed's new Adjustable Wastegate(IWG) Bracket is designed to fit the majority of turbochargers on the market. GrimmSpeed spent the last year and a half testing this bracket on a variety of turbochargers and cars to ensure fitment.

- Seals Wastegate door tightly
- Fits most turbos!
- Simple and attractive allen head bolt (No "hardware store" washers and nuts)
- Fully adjustable rod (Allows it to fit more turbos)
- Laser engraved GrimmSpeed logo
- Stainless Steel Construction

The GrimmSpeed internal wastegate(IWG) bracket is used in place of the stock wastegate actuator when moving to an external wastegate setup. In previous years, turbo owners had to weld the IWG shut on their turbos which diminished resale value, had the chance of cracking, and made it very difficult to revert to the stock IWG setup.

The GrimmSpeed bracket is a basic bolt-on which takes 5 minutes to install. No more worrying about the wastegate door opening due to a cracked weld, no more worrying about trying to sell your turbo with welding all over the wastegate door. Feel like going back to stock?...simple, just unbolt the bracket and you are good to go.

The reinvention of utility, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed�

Most turbos(Excludes VF Turbos, GrimmSpeed has a specific bracket for VF turbos)
PN: 010019
MSRP: $39.99

PM for KCSubaru pricing & details!!!

12-03-2012, 12:03 AM
I will definitely need one of these when I get my ewg from u