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  1. New brake pads
  2. Flashing Security Light
  3. Rear Diff Fluid Change
  4. Drivetrain Fluid Swap
  5. Cruise Control Moduale?
  6. Service Manuals
  7. Cruise Control Light flashing.
  8. Odd noise at low speeds?
  9. Need help please!
  10. Fuel smell
  11. Clutch Alignment tool
  12. GT30R'd suby mamaintenance??
  13. Fuel Smell Recall for Bugeyes
  14. Tank replacement... now fuel pump?
  15. Horrible sound
  16. RS pulley size? belt too long
  18. Oil Change without ramps or jack
  19. Starter is going out
  20. High Mileage Recirc Valve (AKA BOV) worth checking out
  22. a/c probs
  23. 30k recommended maintenance
  24. Oil Change Frequency and Recommended Oil
  25. Service and Maintenance Recommendations
  26. Changing spark plugs in 06 wrx impreza?
  27. a few mechanical issues
  28. where to buy a clutch slave cylinder & connecting hose
  29. Is this the braided SS clutch hose I need?
  30. timing kit
  31. Need some Help
  32. right blinker fast and dim
  33. 2000 Subaru Outback Overheating
  34. ABS, TCS, and Hill Assist lights
  35. Looking for repair shop
  36. Cold Engine Knock (piston slap?) HELP!?!
  37. Clutch Swap This Weekend
  38. clutch life expectancy STi
  39. Kartboy SS and bushings install
  40. driving lights wont shut off, draining battery
  41. Brake light won't shut off on gauge cluster
  42. Kudos to Lee's Summit Subaru Service
  43. HELP!! rough idle and CEL blinking after plug change.
  44. what oil do you use?
  45. Fozzie maintenance
  46. P0031 wrx - os heater
  47. when should I change my oil??
  48. Plugs
  49. p2443 cel help
  50. wheel bearing replacement
  51. P0453 Code and Sucking Noise from Gas Cap
  52. AC compressor not kicking on
  53. engine detailing
  54. Where do you get your oil changed?
  55. Wheel stud replacement
  56. WQE-41 puddle light recall
  57. Cool tool for holding your timing gears for a TB change
  58. Brake Line on 05-09 Legacy and Outback Models
  59. Time to swap the timing belt
  60. Spark plug Dilemma!
  61. Clicking Noises
  62. AC Issues
  63. First oil change coming up
  64. Strange noise
  65. Powers Steering Input?
  66. 2007 impreza 2.5i 5spd fluid question
  67. raw fuel smell??
  68. brake light problem
  69. brake line recall WQK-47
  70. Takata air bag recall
  71. air bubbles in the coolant
  72. Local Subaru garages